One stop solution to your
E-Commerce needs

We provide insightful analytics, easy access to critical reports, real-time sales monitoring, auto payment reconciliations, and complete warehouse operations.

One stop solution to your
E-Commerce needs

We provide insightful analytics, easy access to critical reports, real-time sales monitoring, auto payment reconciliations, and complete warehouse operations.

Exceeding the demands of E-commerce Businesses

Over 1 Cr Shipments

2 Warehouses

100+ Brand Associations

10+ Portal Integrations

Analytics Overview

With the leading AI assisted systems ,products can be tracked across all channels to get the live data. Analytics and Data have played a significant role in development and decision making for e-commerce players. With weekly reports on product availability and performance tracker inventory can be refilled on a timely basis. We make measuring sales across various channels look seamless and create an opportunity to monitor the campaigns and its ROI.

Portals and Promotion

It is quintessential to have standardized listing hygiene on all e-commerce platforms. Brands communicate through listings with their customers. Following the different requirements of all portals is a tedious task . At Acceleratemart, the standard is followed, and rigorous QC is done to ensure there is uniformity in the listing.

Finance Reconciliation Overview

There are various overheads such as commission, shipping, returns, etc. The channels retain the overhead with respect to the transactions and make the balance payments not immediately but as per the payment cycles of each portal. At Acceleratemart, reconciliation is done regularly, and the end payment is made to brands seamlessly. Reports such as weekly sales portals, P&L, Ledges and tax invoices can be viewed by brands at any point in time in our ERP. Regular report reconciling payments with receipts, commissions, etc. from all portals. Transparency helps in increasing business and making informed decisions.

Warehousing Overview

Our warehouses are automated with proper inventory management. Daily reports are made to check the availability of the product, the shelf life of the product, and the order details. Packaging quality and hygiene are maintained to ensure that the return rate is low. Service and warehouse quality are maintained across our pan-India warehouses. Shelf life and FIFO are used to reduce the expiration of products.

Brand Development Overview

Acceleratemart manages the brands and builds strategies for e-commerce businesses to grow their entire portfolio on multiple portals. Data is gathered and analyzed to understand customer behavior and scale the business. The legwork for the brand is done by Acceleratemart, allowing the brand to focus on production and increasing their SKUs.

Dedicated Sales Team

A dedicated team is appointed to ensure that the e-commerce operations are smooth and hassle-free. The team ensures that hygiene at the lowest level is also maintained. They ensure that strategies are created keeping in mind the brand’s goal; and are executed with the brand kept in loop. The bottom level problem is solved by the team by making sure that all things are kept in check.

In House ERP System

At Acceleratemart, an in-house ERP system is in place, where the daily, weekly, and monthly reports are generated. Brands have mobile access and a centralized system for their reports and product tracking. The robust use of technology helps in tracking products, maintaining a single inventory for multiple portals, and listing on multiple portals through one system.

Advertising and Promotion

Advertising and promotion are integral parts of an e-commerce business. Knowing which A product to promote and advertise requires a huge amount of data and an understanding of the data. At Acceleratemart, data is used to understand which products are performing and which are not and to make an advertising campaign according to that. Advertising and promotion have to be done at the right time for the right product to increase visibility and sales. The return rates and campaigns are continuously monitored by a team of portal experts to ensure sales is not hampered and steps are taken to provide maximum ROI.

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